The Whiz Bang (an excerpt)

Whiz Bang
E.A. Cook

The Whiz Bang landed hard during a starlit cloudless night. It was from somewhere so far away that when it landed, the concussion left a three-foot-deep and six foot wide crater right next to where a young Native American was hunkered down. He was hiding in some scrub brush, one hundred yards up the slope from an army of very large men, most of them with long braided yellow hair, long broad swords, bows and arrows, and leather shields. It glowed the kind of bluish white light that you only see in a flash of lightning. When the object landed, he completely forgot about the men that he was watching as he walked, mesmerized, toward the glowing oval.
All the men in the encampment saw it land, saw the scout come out of hiding to reach for it, and then an archer shot him. They ran past the dying man, up close to the bluish white object, talked excitedly about it, and they all agreed that this came as a warning from one of the Norse Gods. They broke camp and left at a jog, wanting nothing to do with the still glowing object on the slope.

The French soldier found the Whiz Bang in the hand bones of an Indian skeleton. He wouldn’t have seen it if it hadn’t been for the light reflecting off the crystal cover on what looked at first to be a locket. He was in the process of caching gunpowder for the French Army to use in the future and was just finishing up digging out a cave along the steep slope, when the sun glinted off the oval crystal cover and caught his eye. Bending down to pick it up he saw that it was in the palm, just the hand bones, really, of someone from a native tribe. All that remained of that person was the hand and forearm bones, which were still wrapped in a sleeve made of animal hide and embroidered with native symbols. The soldier grabbed the glowing object. He was kneeling there when the earth began to shake. An extreme earthquake was rocking the area and all he could do was lay flat and wait until it stopped. But the quake loosened hundreds of rocks from high up the slope, which came careening down the hillside and crushed the man right where he lay.

The boys found Whiz Bang because of the brass button. It was sewn onto the red cotton lapel of a 200-hundred-year-old French Army jacket that Skylar found while hiking by the Cache la Poudre river. The button caught the sunlight just right and glinted at Skylar as he was exploring the steep slope about 100 yards uphill from the river. When he knelt to look at it, the nine-year-old boy saw that the jacket was stuck under a pile of rocks. he pulled hard, heard the decayed material rip and stopped. Skylar’s older brothers; Bryce, Elijah and Dayne saw what he was doing and helped remove the rock pile. That’s when they found the bones of the long-dead soldier and the Whiz Bang. It was glowing. Skylar reached for it.

Dayne, the oldest brother, felt something bad was going to happen and quickly grabbed Skylar’s wrist just and inch away from the object and said,
“Don’t, Skylar! Don’t touch it.”
Skylar looked hurt and mad,
“Dayne! Really?! I found it!”
Elijah and Bryce felt it to. It was a cool looking thing, but they felt something bad about it.
“He’s right, Skylar, lets leave it.” They both said at the same time.
Skylar started to feel it too, he pulled away from Dayne, but he didn’t reach again for the luminous thing.
“But, it’s glowing! We can’t just leave it there…”