Coffee Shop Writing.

There is a segment of society that thinks that Coffee Shop Writers are douchey. To them I say, “Bite my ass.”

The thought is that a writer in a coffee shop is a pretentious “Watch me write my novel” type. That guy might exist, but there are a whole sub-culture of us who get our creative vibe from the music, eclectic customers, sights and sounds that are unique to these privately owned atmospheres.

We are excited about writing and love to be around folks who are excited about their lives and dreams. To sit in a room where the conversations could be about Voltaire or Avenge Sevenfold. You might hear Ernest Hemingway and Pikachu’s name being dropped in the same conversation.

Politics, religion, and social issues are debated and it can get ugly. The First Amendment, baby.

Some of the art work on the walls has obviously been done by someone on Adderall and weed, yet some of it is amazing and inspired. The music might be Coltrane, Kraftwerk or the Lemon Heads.

The Baristas seem as though they’re born to the work. Each one of them is an experience worth having. Dreads , ball caps, pierced nostrils or Polo shirts, Camo pants or short shorts over fish-nets

This is where I thrive. With the tribe.