What does it say about a man who drives a mint condition ’76 Cutlass Supreme T-top, equipped with a 350 Rocket?

He’s not part of the herd. That model was never on a collectors list. Never will be. But to him, it was the one that got away- a car that he owned once and sold and had regretted it ever since. Until now.

     Why now? Because it took 47 years of fighting, losing, winning, loving, burning bridges and rebuilding them to get to this day in his life when, finally, he found the car online and had the $7,000 cash to pay for it.

     Everybody sees the car, but one in a thousand could tell you make, model and year. He likes it that way. The car is an expression of himself- everyone has always looked at him the same way they look at the car, with an expression that says,

“I like it…but it’s unusual. Looks like it’s built for quiet power…not like the others.”

     What does it say about a man who has a car like this? He’s a guy you want to get to know. Where does he work? What does he do in his free time? What does he read? What kind of men does he call friends?

     What does it say about the guy next to him in the Taurus? Nothing. Nothing at all.